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Origin liggend.jpeg

‘Origin’, 215 x 380 x 200 cm, bronze sculpture. 2022


In 2018, on one of Herma’s trips to Croatia, the artist took a small seed box with her. After the first small form (15x30x15cm) in several parts, she made a larger form in two parts. Gradually the idea arose to represent the grandeur of nature through a life-size sculpture you can enter.


The sculpture is incorporated into nature. The playful cut-outs are fun for small children. Origin is a seed box from which all life springs. The dimensions of the bronze sculpture are: 2.15x3.80x2m. Weight 2300 kilo.


‘The skeleton is built with natural materials such as jute and plaster. I have formed the crest with my hands, which allows me to give the work an emotional charge. The sculpture expresses wonder and calmness and inside one experiences a moment of reflection.’ The Origin is contemporary placed at estate Ravesteyn, Heenvliet, The Netherlands. May 2022


Anemone, coated steel, 4.50 x 2 x 2 m. 2011

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