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New work

Inspired by photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto who used light as a pigment to create a new kind of painting, Herma uses the iris-print technique

to create an image of dawn. She carefully selects inks and by the act

of making an iris-print draws unexpected alluring gradations. The transformation of these gradations are suggesting timeframes of dawn and inspire the viewer to stand still for a moment. The outcomes on

print are works shrouded in mystery.

Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 14.47.47.png

Irisprint #66 OW, ink on 30 gr paper, 96 x 140 cm, unique work. 2023

Fossil #01

A fossil, to Herma, means a legacy of lost nature. Within her work she focusses on the research of soft fossils – remains that become visible after uncovering it, layer for layer. This unfolding method inspired her to make a ‘new fossil’. The work Fossil #01 shows the vulnerability and fragility of nature casted in a hard material. Within this solid object she wants to capture the changing nature she has been observing during her life and career as an artist.


Left: Fossil #02, bronze, unique work. 2023  

Middle: Fossil #01, bronze patinated, unique work. 2023

Right: Fossil #03, bronze, unique work. 2023

Fossil #01 detail.jpg

Detail Fossil #01, bronze patinated, unique work. 2023

Herma De Wit - Earth's Crest (1)BE.jpg



Earth’s crest, bronze. 2024

Art Lunch Hemmen, NL
29 September 2024
Art on Paper Brussels, BE
2024 STUDIO23Ghent
October 3–6 2024
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