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Fossil #01

A fossil, to Herma, means a legacy of lost nature. Within her work she focusses on the research of soft fossils – remains that become visible after uncovering it, layer for layer. This unfolding method inspired her to make a ‘new fossil’. The work Fossil #01 shows the vulnerability and fragility of nature casted in a hard material. Within this solid object she wants to capture the changing nature she has been observing during her life and career as an artist.


Fossil #01, bronze patinated.

Unicum, 80 cm (diameter), 2023

Participation Kunst10Daagse 2023.


20 - 29 October 2023. 

Monotype #44 B kopiëren.jpg

Monotype #44 B, ink on paper, 2022

Screenshot 2023-06-18 at 15.57.25.png

Participant Beeldentuin Ravesteyn Heenvliet, NL


Beeldentuin Ravesteyn

Friday 12 May - Sunday 4 June

12:00 - 17:00


'The Origin'


I always cherish memories from the countries I have visited, including those from my trip to Japan in 2019. In Japanese temples, you often find a dark tunnel under the Shrine. One has to find a way by touch and must trust that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to convey that feeling, that sensory experience, in my work 'The Origin'.


The sculpture is incorporated into nature. ´The Origin´ is inspired by a seed box from which all life springs and is originating from Croatia where I traveled in 2018.  The dimensions of the bronze sculpture are huge, 2.15 x 3.80 x 2m, to express the grandeur of nature. Due to the size of the work the visitor will be able to enter and to touch it and can reflect on nature.


'The Origin' can be visited during the 28th edition of the sculpture exhibition at Beeldentuin Ravesteyn, Heenvliet, from the 12th of May until the 4th of June, 2023.

Solo exhibition sculptures at STUDIO23.
May 2024, Gent, BE


Herma de Wit
'Essence Of Nature'

Booklaunch and signing at Athenaeum Bookstore Spui 14-16, Amsterdam
Tuesday, May 2 at 6:30–10pm


Herma de Wit’s third book “Essence of Nature” contains a broad collection of diverse artworks, called a monotype that refers to a printing technique that produces one unique print. Her intention is to show the fragility and strength of gathered objects through the medium of the monoprint.

The leaves, flowers and seeds she finds and collects become a memory of a city or country. As a sequel of the book Force of Nature, made in black and white, this book is experimenting with colour and coloured paper and new techniques of mono-printing are explored. It is printed digitally and offset combined and bound with an open spine into 148 pages including a double uncoated cover with embossed texts.

Released Spring 2023

Monotypes #33.jpg


3–7 May 2023, Amsterdam, NL

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-22 at 10.58.14 AM.jpeg


winner of 50 best Books and 50 Covers of 2021


Monotype #16 S.jpg

Solo Exhibition, Monoprints and scupltures 24 September–19 November 2022. 

K Y A S  A R T S A L O N

Keizersgracht 221, Amsterdam

Origin Ravesteyn.PNG

Group exhibition Beeldentuin Ravesteyn Heenvliet, NL

27st exhibition Beeldentuin Ravesteyn

Friday May 20 - Sunday June 12


Monoprints, 2020.

Combinatie beelden.003.jpeg

Exhibition PAN Amsterdam, Gallery Bruijstens Modern Art. 14–21 November 2021



The Hague, NL

21–24 October 2021

Abstract #03, bronze. 2020

Cypress presentatie 2021 - 2022.jpg

Lecture and crowdfunding - Project Cypress 2020–2022

3–4 September 2021 at StadsSalon, Amsterdam


Monotypes, 50 x 72 cm. 2020


Exhibition: Let's meet again. 9–12 September 2021. ARTFAUVE, Grote kerk, Naarden, NL

foto tuin buddha belly DTC.jpg

Buddha belly, bronze, 252 x 64 x 60 cm. 2016

Donated to the Daan Theeuwes Centre for Intensive Neurorehabilitation, Woerden, NL in 2019.

The Jatropha Podagrica, also known as the Buddha belly plant, gradually grows towards the light from its characteristically rounded stem.


Large bright green leaves, sometimes accompanied by an annual flower, triumphantly spring from the heart throughout its steady growth. The Buddha belly is therefore a fitting symbol for the vision that this exceptional clinic has about rehabilitation.

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