Upcoming projects

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Exhibition monotypes


Artist Dinner

3-5 September 2021

StadsSalon, Herengracht 528a, Amsterdam

Monotypes - 50 x 72 cm - 2020
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Participation MASTERLY THE HAGUE, The Hague, The Netherlands.

21-24 October 2021

Abstract #03 - bronze - 2020

Group exhibition Beeldentuin Ravesteyn Heenvliet, The Netherlands.

27e exhibition Beeldentuin Ravesteyn

19 May - 12 June  2022

Euphorbia  #02 - bronze - 2018


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Group exhibition

Nature in the house, Kunsthandel P. de Boer,

Herengracht 512, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 19 - July 12  2020

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24 November - 1 December  PAN Amsterdam, The Netherlands Bruijstens Modern Art 2019

Buddha belly, 2016

Bronze, 252 x 64 x 60 cm

Donated to the Daan Theeuwes Centre for Intensive Neurorehabilitation, Woerden,

The Netherlands  2019.

The Jatropha Podagrica, also known as the Buddha belly plant, gradually grows towards the light from its characteristically rounded stem.


Large bright green leaves, sometimes accompanied by an annual flower, triumphantly spring from the heart throughout its steady growth. The Buddha belly is therefore a fitting symbol for the vision that this exceptional clinic has about rehabilitation.


Participation Masterly The Hague

19 - 22 september 2019

11am - 6 pm

Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder

Lange Vijverberg 14-15-16 

The Hague


Solo exhibition 'STILL' and book launch Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro, Sculptures and Drawings 

June 20-23 UNFOLD Prinsengracht 715,  Amsterdam

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Exhibit Rijksstudio Award 2017

Still life with Asparagus, Adriaen Coorte, 1697