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Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro

Sculptures and drawings

Language: EN

Published: MER,  imprint of Borgerhoff & Lamberigts BE edited by

Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro in conversation with Luc Derycke

Art direction: Maarten Spruyt in collaboration with Herma de Wit
Graphic design: Loes Claessens
Printed & Bound: Cassochrome, Waregem BE
ISBN: 978 90 8931 951 7

Edition: 500
Price: 39.00 euros

SC / 152 pages / 32 cm x 24 cm



The still force of nature is captured in Herma’s work and immediately reflects the impression I had on our first meeting many years ago in Milan. I remember, as if it were yesterday, her charismatic presence. A woman with willpower, both strong and fragile at the same time.


Throughout the years Herma’s strong hands revealed her passion for sculpture as well as for drawing stylised fragments of nature. Herma observes nature in a very intimate, contemplative way.


Her sculptures and drawings can be seen as still landscapes.They leave a deep impression of tranquillity. Her work is physical, poetic and fragile. It is precisely these characteristics that I recognised in Herma 30 years ago in Milan and they are the basis of our lasting friendship.


Vincent Van Duysen

Antwerp, 7 October 2018

If you want to order the book, please send me an email and I will contact you.

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