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Nature, a boundless source of inspiration and pure beauty. Those who are not touched by it miss access to what is fundamental. It is perhaps at the core of what so many artists, scientists and philosophers want to tell us. Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro was so moved by everything she saw around her as a young girl that it was to make its mark on her. Decades later, after studying technical fashion followed by fashion at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and a short prestigious career as a fashion designer she turned back to what had drawn her before her worldly ambitions. Back to the emotion, an intimate entanglement of existential pain and deep wonder.


Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro’s work, her bronze sculptures, objects, drawings and etchings, reveal an almost obsessive relationship with nature – the mainly isolated fragments of flora, sometimes a whole animal. Her meticulous studies and fervent interpretations of her chosen subject, a twig, a leaf or cluster of flowers, appear to be a desire to eternally capture both its power and fragility. The work is often enlarged or given an intimate scale. While one is dramatic another seems nonchalant or painfully shy. In the stillness that the artist seeks, she seems to want to create an almost human portrait. Though nature itself is not art - its creation is far beyond our imagination - looking at it can make it art. 


As someone who is self-taught in the visual arts, Herma has a very intensive working relationship with the welders and bronze founders who help realise her work. The transition from a drawn study to a 3D realisation can be extremely complex. Nature cannot simply be copied. The work is therefore a one-off in some cases though, where possible, there can be a small edition of 4 to 8 pieces. The end result has a stillness to it, a sense of being and not perishing. 


2022   Group exhibition Beeldentuin Ravesteyn Heenvliet 19 May - 12 June, NL

2021   PAN Amsterdam, Bruijstens Modern Art 13-21 Nov, 2021

2021   Participant Masterly The Hague 21-24 Oct, The Hague

2021   Exhibition monotypes, lecture, artist dinner 3-5 Sept, StadsSalon,


2021.  Sculptures at GARDE, LA - Dallas, USA

2021   Book Force of Nature, distributor: IDEA Books

2020  Kunsthandel P. de Boer June 17 - July 10, Herengracht 512, Amsterdam

2019   Sculptures at Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

2019   PAN Amsterdam Art, Antique and Design Fair

            Bruijstens Modern Art Nov 24- Dec 1, 2019

2019   Buddha belly donated to the Daan Theeuwes Centre for Intensive

             Neurorehabilitation, Woerden Oct. 18, 2019

2019   Participant Masterly The Hague, The Hague

2019   Book Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro, Sculptures and Drawings has been              added to the Rijks Museum library, Amsterdam

2019   Solo show 'STILL' and book launch Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro,        

            Sculptures and Drawings  June 20-23 , UNFOLD Prinsengracht 715,


2019  Book Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro, Sculptures and Drawings has been              added to the Benesse house library, Naoshima Japan. April, 2019

2019  Book launch Herma de Wit - Orobio de Castro, Sculptures and Drawings

            31st of January, Antwerp at architect Vincent Van Duysen

2018   Garden sculpture exposed at The Building, Amsterdam

2018   Sculptures at Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

2017   Exhibit Rijksstudioaward 2017, Amsterdam  ‘Bunch of asparagus’

            Still Life Adriaen Coorte 1697

2016   Summer garden exhibition John Halvemaan Buitenveldert, Amsterdam

2015   Participation Open Garden Days Amsterdam 19th, 20th
            and 21st of June 2015

2015   Participation ARTZUID International Sculpture Route, Amsterdam

2015   ELLE DECORATION article Q&A Herma de Wit
2014   Participation ‘Kunst in duin’ Landgoed & Kasteel Keukenhof, Lisse

2014   Exhibition ‘SCULPTURES and LIGHTOBJECT’. Private garden,       


2013   Various works presented at the house of More Than Classic
            Woonbeurs Rai, Amsterdam

2013   Summer Garden exhibition FLOWER sculptures. Private garden,


2013   Exhibition ‘ART MEETS DESIGN’ DIS STUDIO, Amsterdam

2012   Participation ‘Kunst in duin’, Noordwijk.

2012   Exhibition DJ DE BOER HUISARTS  Amsterdam

2011    Participate in Charity Event Ninos de Guatamala at FIFTEEN, Amsterdam

2011    Participation ‘Kunst in duin’ Noordwijk

2010   AMEUBLEMENT - DECORATION, peintures - sculptures, Arnold

             Otten, Lage Mierde, The Netherlands

2009  Exhibition Buitenplaats Wester - Amstel, Amstelveen

2008  Exhibition at private studio, Amsterdam

2007   Exhibition at Juul van den Heuvel, Frans Halsstraat, Amsterdam

2002 - 2006 Drawing / painting lessons at Sierd Dallinga - Juul van den Heuvel,


1997- 2002    Ceramic lessons at Marjan de Voogd, Amsterdam 

1997     Designer Just B. knit collection, Amsterdam

1995 - 1996    Designer Scapa of Scotland, Anvers, Belgium

1989 – 1995   Own label; ‘HERMA DE WIT’, couture tailor-made women Studio


1984 – 1989   Freelance designer for i.a. Trussardi, Milan - F&M Girbaud, Paris

1984 – 1986   Teacher at Vogue Fashion Academy, Amsterdam

1979 – 1983    Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Fashion department

1977 – 1978     Fashion academy 'de Schans', Amsterdam

1976 – 1977    Technical school for mode en kleding, Utrecht